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Located 7.5 miles North of Baxter – 5.5 miles South of Nisswa on Highway 371

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Trailer or Boat Lights Broken?

If your trailer or boat lights are malfunctioning, our skilled technicians are here to diagnose and repair the problem efficiently. With a commitment to quality and safety, we ensure that your trailer and boat lights are in perfect working condition, allowing you to navigate the roads and waterways with confidence. Don't let lighting issues dampen your boating experience—trust Dockside Rental to get you back on track swiftly and reliably.

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Happy Customers

"Really great experience with dockside. We rented jet skis over the 4th and had a great experience on Gull. New machines and excellent service, delivered right to Cragun's resort. We would absolutely rent from Dockside again!"

- Jacob Kramer

We had a fantastic experience with our Jet ski rental. Fred could not have been nicer or more accommodating. The weather was not looking favorable for one of our rental days and he was willing to work with us to switch a day.  We had an absolute blast with the jet skis and they worked great.  I would highly recommend Dockside Rental and would they would be my first call for a rental in the future.

- Michael Berner



- Dockside Rental does not offer insurance or requires a damage deposit. You may check with your property insurance to see if they cover leased equipment. Dockside Rental Does not provide insurance for damages for your rental.

- ALL risk and cost for repair are born by the Lessee. If you have questions or concerns please ask.

Arrival & Onsite Expectations

- We expect our customers have visited our website and watched required videos on boating safety and proper operation of the machine being rented, and have read through both pages of the rental agreement and are prepared to ask any questions prior to the rental.

- All drivers must watch and read the required safety and use information and sign the form or they are not permitted to operate the watercraft, even if of legal age. Required Safety Training

- Dockside Rental does its best to have your rental clean, serviced, and ready for your day on the lake. Expect there will be other customers looking to pick up their rental as well.

Check-In Process

- All drivers must be present and provide a valid driver’s license, have watched, and read all required safety and operation information on our web site and sign stating they have done so.

- Pickup customers can pickup rentals starting at 9am. Please have a 2” ball on your vehicle.

- Come inside and wait for a staff member to greet you. We will go thru the rental agreement with you and answer questions you may have.

- If you are not familiar with the lake you will be on, visit Lake Finder to see MN lake maps on your phone. You may also ask and we will share what knowledge we have. (Dockside Rental is not responsible for your knowing the dangers of the waters you will be on.)

- Please do your due diligence to ensure your safety, and, the safety of the watercraft!

- If you are one of our delivery customers, we will call the morning of your rental to schedule your delivery. Depending on our schedule that day, a delivery between 9:30am and 11am is to be anticipated.

- For delivery customers we ask that you will be at delivery location and time. It is important for us to stay on schedule. Please help us be timely!

- In most cases we will have your rental agreement filled out ahead of time. Verifying the information and having our customers initial the “Terms and Conditions” on the second page, as well as each driver will need to sign for confirmation of having watched and read safety and operational information form.

- If needed, we will need to be fitted for life vests. Please wait for Dockside Staff to assist you.

- Once paperwork, questions are answered, a walk thru of the machine’s operation will be provided (all drivers must be present), and then you are on your way! Be safe, and have FUN!

Operator Information

- The Lessee accepts the duty to see that all persons driving or riding on the leased equipment will abide by the Rules, water safety regulations and the Law. Only operators meeting all the State of Minnesota boating requirements, and have watched all required safety videos, read the information on the Dockside Rental website, knows and understands the State of Minnesota Boating rules and regulations, and, have the approval of the Lessee shall operate Dockside Rentals Equipment. No Exceptions!

- Dockside Rental DOES NOT provide insurance against injury or damage to the watercraft. Use at your own risk, and BE CAREFUL!

- Lessee is responsible for all liabilities, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Lessor for all damages, injuries or death, property and third parties.

- Dockside Rental prohibits the use of alcohol and drug usage for the driver or passengers on their equipment. Safety must be the #1 priority!

- Never start or operate the watercraft in less than 40” of water, avoid weeds and rocks. Take time to practice and familiarize yourself and others with the watercraft and its controls BEFORE embarking on a trip.

Returning the Watercraft

- All watercraft must be returned on time. The watercraft shall be picked up, garbage bagged, and returned in good condition.

- If you are trailering the watercraft back to the Store it is the Lessees responsibility to fill the fuel tank before returning.

- If we are meeting you at a public boat access, Dockside Staff will meet you at the designated time, load the watercraft, inspect it for scratches and damage. Staff will fill the fuel tank for you after the rental and add the fuel cost to the rental.

- Dockside Rental Charges $5.00/gallon for this service.

- Once the rental total is tallied, Dockside Rental will run the charges on the credit card provided.


- Fishing is allowed if lessee holds a valid Minnesota fishing license. We will charge an additional cleaning fee if the machine comes back dirty or smelly from fish. No fish are allowed to be stored in our equipment. Please help maintain our equipment!


- Pets are not allowed unless special provisions are made. There will be a $100 cleaning fee for pets on board.

What's Allowed on Tritoons

- Coolers, food, beverages, personal items.
- Alcohol. However, the driver is not permitted to have any alcohol in their system.
- Music

Not Allowed:
- Exceeding the capacity
- Pets (without special provision)
- Fishing equipment (without proper licensing)
- Use of any compartment for a live well
- Smoking, grills, heaters or anything that could be a fire hazard.
- Confetti, silly string, duct tape or other strong adhesives.

Whats not allowed on PWC's

- Chemicals such as nail polish and sprays that will damage upholstery, handlebar grips or the gelcoat.

- Over applying sunscreen and sun block. This can damage upholstery and handle grips

- Blue and Black jeans/ jean shorts as this will stain the fabric

- Alcohol or drugs

Still have questions?